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So my camera is still not working. I may have to exchange it. Every time I put in batteries thay last a few days and then it dies. It eats batteries far too quickly-especially the long lasting ones. Anyway, I put my memory card into the computer (der) to finally get my pictures off. I’m […]

I took pictures for WIP Tuesday, and I was all reayd to post them… when my camera died. The bettery keeps going dead and I am not sure why. I didn’t forget, I tried… but it isn’t going to work. So I will just tell you about what I am doing. The first weekend of […]


Just a little WIP-ness. There is a craft fair coming up in May, and I am going to be making handbags, makeup totes, and a ‘surprise’. I am hoping to get about 25-35 bags made, so I may need a little kick in the pants every once in a while =) Here are some of […]

My Food Blog I finally got around to starting it. It is all vegan food, so some of you may not be too interested 😉 My mom was planning on having a post set up with information on the skirts for Africa last week, but time got away. It will be up this week, but […]


No, I didn’t forget. Almost ran out of time- there are only two hours left in the day- but I did it! I didn’t have much time to spare for picture taking, so this isn’t very detailed as to what I am making. It is a skirt for my sister’s trip (see below). At some […]

Yet again I have neither time, energy, or gumption to post a detailed project. I like working, but it tends to drain me (yes, in only three hours time), and I haven’t had much going on in the creating world…. but things will pick up soon. I have a project going on the machine, a […]