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i am going on yet another blogging break. i just dont really have the time or energy right now. check back in a week or two-i will be back at some point =) idle dreaming Advertisements


let me first say: this a boring silly post, but since i have neglected this blog for so very long i felt the need to say something. i promise someday i will actually have something pretty to post, or something interesting to say…. remember that bamboo jersey i mentioned a few posts back (at least […]


The beginning of a new week. Sometimes it is nice-a fresh start… but usually it is just annoying. Starting the same old thing over again for the thousandth time. I feel that especially this week. Perhaps becuase school is coming to an end, or maybe becuase the weather is getting warmer but when I should […]

I’m back


Wow. Two weeks without posting. Sorry about that. So I didn’t get a lot of actual projects done in my absence (the ones I did finish will be posted over the course of a few days), but I did have a lot of thinking time. I think what I was lacking was a ‘point’ for […]



I am bored of myself. I have a weird need to ‘re-invent’ myself every few months… haha. so, yet again another bloggy break. I’m sorry, I’m sure I’m driving everyone crazy. I will be back at some point, and this blog will be more exciting. But for now, I need time to think through some […]

Spring plans


Oops, I abandoned my blog. I’m working on being a regular, steady blogger but as you could probably tell it isn’t really working. Also, work is just barely starting to slow down, and…. I finally have ideas on what to make. hooray. lol. Not much has been finished, but quite a lot has been sketched, […]



Work is yet again extremely busy, and I am far too tired and busy to post. So, this week will be yet another short blog break. I hate doing this, but I am so busy and stressed I can’t add blogging to my daily schedule =D