let me first say: this a boring silly post, but since i have neglected this blog for so very long i felt the need to say something. i promise someday i will actually have something pretty to post, or something interesting to say….

remember that bamboo jersey i mentioned a few posts back (at least i think i mentioned it)? anyway, over the weekend i boguht this lovely machine:

-and absolutely horrid picture-sorry for that

anyway, becuase i finally had a machine perfect for sewing knits, i decided to break into my lovely fabric. i used the black (i didn’t want to ruin the navy quite yet…) to try and make a dress. i had it all drawn up and ready to be cut. it is a little baby doll style dress with a short ruffled hem and and underbust cut. after cutting it out, i sat down at my serger and started sewing. i should really pay a tad bit more attention to the drape of the fabric when picking projects.

the design was supposed to be slim on the top and the skirt was going to be a tad bubbly, and twirly… i ended up with a flat, dull 90’s esque dress (and not in a good way) with no shape that hung horribly. i am disappointed in ruining my fabric, but i am going to try again with something a bit more sturdy without so heavy of a drape.
perhaps a soft linen, or lightweight silk. *sigh* now i just have to wait until the next fabric store trip 😉
not a very interesting post, but hey at least i’m saying something right?? as soon as this craft fair is over, expect more interesting and crafty posts.

ETA: i almost forgot to mention, Anushka and I have started an art blog, Idle Dreaming. Please go see! there is not a lot of content quite yet, but that may be where i end up posting more.


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  1. 1 anushka

    What a shame about the dress 😦 You told me about the navy soysilk fabric, but not the bamboo. Are you sure you can’t salvage the fabric and make a skirt or something with it?

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