The beginning of a new week. Sometimes it is nice-a fresh start… but usually it is just annoying. Starting the same old thing over again for the thousandth time. I feel that especially this week. Perhaps becuase school is coming to an end, or maybe becuase the weather is getting warmer but when I should be doing school or working, I would like to be painting, outside, something other than school.

As I’ve said before, I am trying to be a better blogger. While I may never update every day with exciting posts, I’m trying to stop being lazy and instead of just doing practically nothing online, I want to be posting. With the craft fair coming up, time and projects have been a little scant.

Some links to keep you entertained as I attempt to fix my camera yet again:
A Beautiful Mess
-Her photos are gorgeous. I am practicing a little more with black and white and film photography, and I really love her portraits.

Red Velvet Blog
-A group blog. It has a variety of projects and just random links. Perhaps not fully my ‘style’ but still adorable. And they show cute videos =)


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  1. No, not a college thing. I’m just talking in general. 🙂 Not me I know.

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