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So my camera is still not working. I may have to exchange it. Every time I put in batteries thay last a few days and then it dies. It eats batteries far too quickly-especially the long lasting ones. Anyway, I put my memory card into the computer (der) to finally get my pictures off. I’m […]


The beginning of a new week. Sometimes it is nice-a fresh start… but usually it is just annoying. Starting the same old thing over again for the thousandth time. I feel that especially this week. Perhaps becuase school is coming to an end, or maybe becuase the weather is getting warmer but when I should […]

Finished projects (the shirt was stenciled by me, and the skirt was made by me as well): Detail of the stencil: I think my textile medium is going bad. It cracked very quickly… Notice the lovely bandaids under my tights. That is what happens when you try to shave and sing in the shower at […]

I took pictures for WIP Tuesday, and I was all reayd to post them… when my camera died. The bettery keeps going dead and I am not sure why. I didn’t forget, I tried… but it isn’t going to work. So I will just tell you about what I am doing. The first weekend of […]

I’m back


Wow. Two weeks without posting. Sorry about that. So I didn’t get a lot of actual projects done in my absence (the ones I did finish will be posted over the course of a few days), but I did have a lot of thinking time. I think what I was lacking was a ‘point’ for […]