I am bored of myself. I have a weird need to ‘re-invent’ myself every few months… haha. so, yet again another bloggy break. I’m sorry, I’m sure I’m driving everyone crazy. I will be back at some point, and this blog will be more exciting. But for now, I need time to think through some things, and make a few plans.

So, this blog is not dead… just sleeping. Not for very long, hopefully within two weeks. I will still check e-mail, and comment on blogs so no worries there. I won’t fall off the face of the planet completely. If you want to talk to me/ask a questions/etc. send me an e-mail at squarepegetsy[at]
I don’t have a personal e-mail address, I don’t see the point. lol


2 Responses to “re-invention”

  1. 1 Josh

    Wait, radiation? What? *Is confused*

  2. K, sis. 🙂

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