Spring plans


Oops, I abandoned my blog. I’m working on being a regular, steady blogger but as you could probably tell it isn’t really working. Also, work is just barely starting to slow down, and…. I finally have ideas on what to make. hooray. lol.

Not much has been finished, but quite a lot has been sketched, cut, pinned, and ready to go. This summer will be the season of dresses. I made quite a few last summer again – I have a feeling my closet is going to explode from all of the dresses stuffed into it. Dresses are nice becuase they can either be dressy (rare for me), or made more interesting with messy hairstyles, crazy makeup, fun shoes, etc.
I also haven’t knit anything for about two months. It makes me sad, but money to buy 6 or so skeins of hemp yarn is a little tiny bit hard to scrape together =D Anyway, more posting is coming soon. Interesting posts as well – this one is a little silly and boring.


2 Responses to “Spring plans”

  1. I love dresses. They are so comfortable, what with that lack of waistbands, you know. I very, very happily discovered recently that the dress you bought me is wide enough for me to play cello in. Hoorah!

    x x x x

  2. Good to see you post again! x

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