Knit 1 tunic


I have not knit anything ‘substabtial’ for far too long. I mean, I knit a headband for Sarah’s dreadies, but I want to make something big and frustating and amazing. hehe.
Anyway, I am thinking of making this:

The tunic at the end. I presonally look awful in orange, so I am thinking of doing gray/black stripes (surprise, eh?) Also, that neck is kind of blah. I am tihnking of maybe a crew style neck- they look bets on me. Also, I am short enough for it to be a dress =D
Now that I look closer, the scarf on the left is pretty darn cute as well… hmm, maybe I’ll make one for spring in a super bright color scheme.
(both patterns are from Knit 1 magazine)

In other news, I have my license… barely. To pass, you cannot get any more than -20 points… I got -19. Oops. I don’t really like driving, so nothing to be worried about.

Hm, I’m listening to silly ‘hardcore’ music. Reminds me of myself about a year ago. Good god was I obsessed… I fancied myself to be hardcore/emo/scene. That was one of the more interesting stages. It was kind of fun though, I of course stopped doing it as soon as it was ‘popular’. As if it wasn’t already. Who am I kidding? lol.


4 Responses to “Knit 1 tunic”

  1. Grey and chartreuse would be an amazing colour combination. I myself wouldn’t be able to pull that one off tho. That tunic would be cute as a crew neck, and I think a scoop would be nice too. Are you going to make it with the funny sleeves, too?

    Congratulations on your license!


  2. 2 sally

    The tunic in darker colors is 100% your style. Good luck with it, you’ll have fun. 🙂
    Also, congratulations on getting your license!

  3. Well done on getting your license! I can’t wait to start driving (Only two months to go! :D) And that jumper ould look ace in black/grey/white x

  4. 4 julia

    That jumper is great. Nothing wrong with black and grey. That’s what I would do! That hooded vest in the middle is really cute too. But I’d better not rush out and buy the magazine… I’ve just committed myself to the knitalong for Knitscene’s cabled Central Park Hoodie, so that will keep me very, very busy!

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