im over it.


Thank you for all of your suggestions, but most of all to Nush for giving me that kick I needed.
While I may not have all of my ideas back, I am going to work at it. I will make it happen. I may have found my inspiration… while it may not make everything perfect- certainly not easy- for this, I will do everything possible to try again.
I tend to be a very ’emotional’ person. Anything that happens will affect me five times more strongly than the average person. This is why, when I am happy I am ecstatic, but when something sad happens I can’t handle it. I may seem to be alright, and it may seem like I cna handle it, but every feeling is still inside. The point of all this is to say that by not painting, photogrpahing, writing, sewing, designing, whatever, all of this extreme emotion stays inside. I have never been good at articulating how I feel in words*, I only express what is really inside through what I make. The real me comes out in the project. My problem began when I tried to fit what I was making into a mold. The mold of what was cool or popular or whatever. It wasn’t me. Every little project was just the expression of another idea. Not my own, only what the masses think. I tried to be trendy, but only made things worse.
I still haven’t found exactly what is me, but I now have that one thing that can push me through. That one idea that hopefully will foster thousands more. It will certainly be slow going at first- each deisgn will be painstaking and frustratin- but to get out of this rut, I do have to do some work. I got into it, now I have to get out.
There may not be many posts for a while. It may take a while to find whatever it is I am looking for, but someday… I may post tomorrow, I may not. At some point posting will be far more regular, but for now, a lot of things are going to have to be re-learned.

*You probably already noticed this. I can write moderately well, but articulating myself through speech has always been a constant struggle. This blog is more of a conversation/statement for me, so it is yet another thing I need to re-learn =D

In other news, we have recieved many lovely offers to make skirts for Sewing Seeds. All donations are appreciated, and we love any help! Thank you so much to all who contributed! When all the skirts are finished, we will hopefully have some picturs to share. Information on donating something for the boys at the orphanage will come later on. We are still thinking on that one.

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  1. Oh, thank goodness.

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