Just a little WIP-ness. There is a craft fair coming up in May, and I am going to be making handbags, makeup totes, and a ‘surprise’. I am hoping to get about 25-35 bags made, so I may need a little kick in the pants every once in a while =)
Here are some of the fabrics I am using:

-Both are Alexander Henry. They both are a little more girly than I would normally choose, but I am trying to get a wide variety of fabrics. If I made things would buy… we all know what would happen.
My personal favorite:

Nice and 80’s-tacky, eh?

I mentioned in a previous post about my fantastic thrift store find. I finally took a picture of it. They aren’t the best- the lighting has been off lately- but isn’t it darling???

Three full yards of medium/heavy weight twill, for only $4.00. Oh how I love thrifting.

4 Responses to “”

  1. ADORE the elephants. That’d look great on a messenger bag, maybe one with pleats and a flap. I also love the apples and pears: delicious.

    Hope you’re well, dear!


  2. Oooh, you do find some thrifting bargains! Thrifting just doesn’t translate this side of the pond 😦 Hehe x

  3. That elephant fabric is a party.

  4. The elephants are too cute! I think the pear fabrics will be popular if you are selling items. I just bought some myself, and it seems like a wide variety of people are attracted to it.

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