Snow Flakes


Happy Valentines Day!
I abhor the holiday. It is a plot to make everyone who doesn’t have a ‘Valentine’ feel like crap. The only good part about the holiday is the fact that it’s so PINK! I love pink lately- it’s my new ‘color’- and when I go on blogs and there are pictures of adorable pink cookies… I about die.
Enough about that. I promised pictures today. Nothign amazing, but maybe a little interesting =)

Last night it snowed. It was so very cold outside, that inside of dumping a blanket of snow, individual flakes fell and crystalized.

I am going to try and work on my writing skills… or lack thereof. I am not very good at writing posts, because I never like how they come out. It would probably help to spend more time writing out a post.

6 Responses to “Snow Flakes”

  1. that snow is gorgeous! i’m completely jealous. the weather where i am is boring. i like storms on valentine’s day most of all. BWHAHAHA!!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I’ve never seen snow like that before x

  3. I love the snow we got last night. It was kind of weird.

    Anyway. So, I accidentally deleted your comment, and it made me very sad. Please recomment (pretty sure that’s not a word…). Was the person…. Imogen Heap? I didn’t really get the chance to look at it.

  4. *jaw drops* Those are GORGEOUS pictures!

    What’s your craftster username?!

  5. The photographs are beautiful. I hate VDay too; it’s so ridiculous and commercial. In town people were saying “happy valentine’s day!” as one might call, “happy christmas!” Oh, the patron saint of commercialism is nigh.

    How are you, lovely? Drop me a line if you think of me.


  6. We had a recent snow like that, it was amazing. You could see each individual snowflake.

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