WIP Tuesday… kinda


My Food Blog

I finally got around to starting it. It is all vegan food, so some of you may not be too interested 😉
My mom was planning on having a post set up with information on the skirts for Africa last week, but time got away. It will be up this week, but as a heads up: We are looking for donations of handmade (store-bought if necessary ;)) skirts for my older sister to take on her trip to Africa. If you could maybe think about donating, it would be very, very, very appreciated! More information on sizing, patterns, etc. will be up very soon.

On to the crafts. Over the summer, I am going to be re-decorating my room. It is a half finished mess right now. I started out with ideas and color schemes, and pretty mych forgot what I was doing halfway through, so it was never finished. I was going to be making a quilt for my bed, but I decided to go the easy route and just get a large piece of fabric and quilt it, and spend more time on accesorizing.
While looking for quilt ideas, I came across these. I am no longer making one for my bed – probably just for fun- I found these adorable.
I have a frustrating ‘history’ with quilts. I rarely do them becuase I am not enough of a perfectionist to do piecing. Which means the finished product was pretty much a waste of time. I like these becuase they allow lots of room for mistakes =)
Donut Eating Horse

Small Quilt

Polka Dot Hills

(I would post actual pictures, but they are not mine, so links will have to do for now.)

I figured quilting might be a nice change of pace from making clothes. I love making clothes, but trying something new is going to be such fun.

I was going to take a picture of the most adorable, AMAZING fabric I found at the thrift store… that will be tomorrows post.

2 Responses to “WIP Tuesday… kinda”

  1. 1 Bonnie

    I am collecting random pieces of fabric for a quilt I want to make also…I want to make a hot air balloon one for my bed! but I haven’t even started yet lol

  2. We should have a challenge – to both make quilts! I keep putting it off and delaying! x

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