time, time


O.K., last week is finally over… and another just as crazy week has begun. Despite that, I am working on better scheduling and time management- ie: blogging instead of browsing listlessly, sewing instead of dreaming of sewing, etc.- and I have decided that this week I am going to post every.single.day. The posts may not be overly exciting, but I seriously must get better at this.
I have a meme that I am working on, but I seriously have to think about it. I want it to be interesting =D For today, here are a few links I have been looking at.

Creative Photos by Chema Madoz

The Black Apple

Vegan Cupcake Blog

Cute Overload

3 Responses to “time, time”

  1. CuteOverload is… Well, ridiculously cute. Awwwwwwwwwwww ^_^ x

  2. Ugh, no, it’s hideous!

  3. Good for you! I’d say dedicating yourself to accomplishing your goal is the hardest step towards actually accomplishing your goals.

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