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im over it.


Thank you for all of your suggestions, but most of all to Nush for giving me that kick I needed. While I may not have all of my ideas back, I am going to work at it. I will make it happen. I may have found my inspiration… while it may not make everything perfect- […]

oh snap


You know that uninspiration that I was talking about a month of two ago… it hasn’t ended. I don’t know what is up. I can’t find ‘it’ anywhere – the look, the project, the colors, the IDEA. I don’t have much time to create, but whenever I find a small amount of time, I feel […]


Just a little WIP-ness. There is a craft fair coming up in May, and I am going to be making handbags, makeup totes, and a ‘surprise’. I am hoping to get about 25-35 bags made, so I may need a little kick in the pants every once in a while =) Here are some of […]

Sewing Seeds

Snow Flakes


Happy Valentines Day! I abhor the holiday. It is a plot to make everyone who doesn’t have a ‘Valentine’ feel like crap. The only good part about the holiday is the fact that it’s so PINK! I love pink lately- it’s my new ‘color’- and when I go on blogs and there are pictures of […]

My Food Blog I finally got around to starting it. It is all vegan food, so some of you may not be too interested 😉 My mom was planning on having a post set up with information on the skirts for Africa last week, but time got away. It will be up this week, but […]

time, time


O.K., last week is finally over… and another just as crazy week has begun. Despite that, I am working on better scheduling and time management- ie: blogging instead of browsing listlessly, sewing instead of dreaming of sewing, etc.- and I have decided that this week I am going to post The posts may not […]