No, I didn’t forget. Almost ran out of time- there are only two hours left in the day- but I did it!

I didn’t have much time to spare for picture taking, so this isn’t very detailed as to what I am making. It is a skirt for my sister’s trip (see below). At some point, my mom is going to put up a button on her blog for anyone who wishes to contribute one. I will link over to her, if you are interested 🙂

Also, I am thinking about starting a vegan cooking blog. Yeah, I know. I can barely handle one, but I cook my dinner most every night so there will always be content 😀

2 Responses to “”

  1. I like your pincushion!

  2. What Nush said! And a cooking blog sounds like a great idea! I suddenly feel like cooking but can’t really find veggie recipes that sound tasty x

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