the specials


I am a bad blogger… but I have said that so many time, you all are probably used to it. I used to have so much time- just no desire to post. These days I am busy with school, work, and some crafting that my blog is dying. lol.
I will post tomorrow with a work in progress picture. As soon as I can, I want to take picture of some of the things I have made…. but you’ll just have to wait and see when that will actually happen.
These are the things I need to stay on top of doing:

1. Blogging twice a week.
2. Make two bags for Blossom per week.
3. Finish birthday gifts.
4. Make fifteen or so skirts for my sister*.
5. Stop being so gosh darn unmotivated!!!

*My older sister is going to an African orphanage this summer to help out with the children there. My mom and I are going to be making a whole bunch of skirts for the girls- we have yet to come up with something for the boys =/ At some point, my mom is going to put together a thing where you can donate a skirt, or something like that. More on this at a later time- but just be thinking about maybe putting something together very quickly. We would like to send enough things for each of the children to have a gift, but anything extra that we send will be sent to the other orphanages there.

I’ve been tagged!!!

the rules are simple enough:
write five things you haven’t talked about on your blog, and tag five people that you’d like to know more about! fun!

1. I’ve always been homeschooled-seriously. I have never actually attended a public or private school.

2. You have noticed, but I’ve never really actually talked about it: I listen to mainly 80’s music. I like some modern stuff, but the 80’s had so much more to pick from that was actually worth while. (see below for something entertaining)

3. I love makeup!!! I am so terrible at it, but I wear it most every day. Only eye makeup though. My skin tends to stay pretty clear, and when I break out, I just hide it with my bangs or something.

4. I used to pretend I was emo. ‘nuf said.

5. I wish that people still believed in the things the stand for. I hate that they say one thing, and then don’t even know why… yet they ridicule those who make a choice different from them.

I suck at tags. Oh well. Can you tell I am in a tired mood right now? Anyone who wants to be tagged cna go ahead =)

2 Responses to “the specials”

  1. 80s music rocks. head over heels by tears for fears gets me pumped like woah. it might just be because it’s used so perfectly in donnie darko, but whatev. the song is good.

    i think that is really awesome that you’ll be making skirts for those girls! they will be cherished!

  2. What kind of skirts do the girls need? What ages? I don’t have the fabric to make a lot of skirts, but I would love to send something, and a run to the thrift shop would be better than nothing.
    As for the boys–I think when I went to Kenya we gave all of the boys pullovers (yes, even on the equator, kids apparently have a need for fleece).
    Is there anything else she needs? When you get more information, could you please e-mail me?

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