WIP Tuesday: January 23


Yet again I have neither time, energy, or gumption to post a detailed project. I like working, but it tends to drain me (yes, in only three hours time), and I haven’t had much going on in the creating world…. but things will pick up soon. I have a project going on the machine, a few that just need some finishing touches, a knitted birthday gift, and some collages. As soon as they are finished and I have a little extra time, there will be some activity here.

Anyway, I decided to make Tuesday’s my WIP day. It may not be every single Tuesday, but should be pretty regular. It will be both a way to keep my blog active, and practice my extremely rusty photography ‘skills’.
So, here is the first WIP picture:
I am finally using that fabric that took me almost a year to decide what the heck to make with it. Anyone want to take a gander at what I am making?

7 Responses to “WIP Tuesday: January 23”

  1. I gander you’re making a dress?

    Actually, for the hat I just modeled the construction after other hats I’ve seen. I didn’t use a pattern because they’re hard for me to follow, but I’ll be happy to share my notes if you want to make it.

  2. Skirt or dress, skirt or dress! Yaaaay, can’t wait to see! =) I love the idea of WIP Tuesdays.

  3. I’d go with a dress! Very cute fabric x

  4. A big 1950s ball gown. Strappy? Or maybe with capped sleeves.


  5. I can’t wait to see what you make. That fabric, combined with that pattern… It’s going to be fabulous!

  6. it’s so good to see you’re starting up with the sewing! i hope you don’t mind, but i’ve tagged you for a small meme… you just write a few interesting things about yourself. check out my blog for more info. thanks!

  7. i’m glad you liked that yarn! i dyed it myself 🙂 the undyed yarn was purchased from knitpicks.com i just dyed it with some kool-aid.

    oh and, i think that you’ll be making a dress, june cleaver style…

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