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No, I didn’t forget. Almost ran out of time- there are only two hours left in the day- but I did it! I didn’t have much time to spare for picture taking, so this isn’t very detailed as to what I am making. It is a skirt for my sister’s trip (see below). At some […]

the specials


I am a bad blogger… but I have said that so many time, you all are probably used to it. I used to have so much time- just no desire to post. These days I am busy with school, work, and some crafting that my blog is dying. lol. I will post tomorrow with a […]

Yet again I have neither time, energy, or gumption to post a detailed project. I like working, but it tends to drain me (yes, in only three hours time), and I haven’t had much going on in the creating world…. but things will pick up soon. I have a project going on the machine, a […]

quick update


In lieu of a decent post, I am going to post some links I have found particularly lovely these past few days. Vegan Outreach -More on this in another post. Yum Yum Food -Makes me feel hungry 🙂 Patchbox -Loads of lovely inspiration from here. Vegan Yum Yum -Makes me so very hungry. Go Fug […]

I need to get out of this rut. I let the stressful times get me down in everything. It didn’t hit me until now. I really am not stressed about sewing, I am just unable to start. I mean, I am sure I could if I tried but that’s the problem: I’m not trying. In […]


Happy New Year! Strange how quickly a year goes by, and how much can happen in those 365 days. Hope everyone has a lovely year =) I was going to post some of the Christmas gifts I made, but I think I will only end up sharing two. First off, we have the very first […]