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Would anyone like to recommend some music to me? Following is just a simple little ‘list’ of what I usually like. No, they don’t all have to be one of these genres, but if you suggest something like Nickelback… I won’t listen to it. I like music that is not well known. Meaning, if it […]

happy day


Happy Holidays! I will return after a few days, hopefully with a few ‘resolutions’ made.



Yet more Christmas journals. All of them have been given out, so it is now safe to post pictures. I want to make one for myself with some really cute fabric… but that will have to wait. I am so very behind on my sewing. I actually have not used it regularly for weeks. Hm, […]

I think it is quite time to post. With all of the Christmas presents I have been making, you think I would have many things to post about. But, I’m Emily and if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I am a bit… how shall I say it?… […]

This is the new blog. I needed a fresh start, something new to start over with. There will be regular posts and far less boring rambling. I want an interesting blog, this will be the one. What do you think of the layout? I was doing something else, but it just wasn’t working out. It’s […]