i am going on yet another blogging break. i just dont really have the time or energy right now. check back in a week or two-i will be back at some point =)

idle dreaming


let me first say: this a boring silly post, but since i have neglected this blog for so very long i felt the need to say something. i promise someday i will actually have something pretty to post, or something interesting to say….

remember that bamboo jersey i mentioned a few posts back (at least i think i mentioned it)? anyway, over the weekend i boguht this lovely machine:

-and absolutely horrid picture-sorry for that

anyway, becuase i finally had a machine perfect for sewing knits, i decided to break into my lovely fabric. i used the black (i didn’t want to ruin the navy quite yet…) to try and make a dress. i had it all drawn up and ready to be cut. it is a little baby doll style dress with a short ruffled hem and and underbust cut. after cutting it out, i sat down at my serger and started sewing. i should really pay a tad bit more attention to the drape of the fabric when picking projects.

the design was supposed to be slim on the top and the skirt was going to be a tad bubbly, and twirly… i ended up with a flat, dull 90’s esque dress (and not in a good way) with no shape that hung horribly. i am disappointed in ruining my fabric, but i am going to try again with something a bit more sturdy without so heavy of a drape.
perhaps a soft linen, or lightweight silk. *sigh* now i just have to wait until the next fabric store trip 😉
not a very interesting post, but hey at least i’m saying something right?? as soon as this craft fair is over, expect more interesting and crafty posts.

ETA: i almost forgot to mention, Anushka and I have started an art blog, Idle Dreaming. Please go see! there is not a lot of content quite yet, but that may be where i end up posting more.

So my camera is still not working. I may have to exchange it. Every time I put in batteries thay last a few days and then it dies. It eats batteries far too quickly-especially the long lasting ones.

Anyway, I put my memory card into the computer (der) to finally get my pictures off. I’m pretty much working on purses for the craft fair right now-hence the boring pictures. I’m very ready for this to be done, luckily I am on the last purse. After the fair, expect a lot more posts. I should have quite a lot of time to make things for myself-which will be a-mazing.

Oh yes, the picture. I almost forgot:

Purses, purses, and more purses. I was planning on making a variety of styles but life doesn’t quite go as planned sometimes.

And pretty quotes to end the day:
Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


The beginning of a new week. Sometimes it is nice-a fresh start… but usually it is just annoying. Starting the same old thing over again for the thousandth time. I feel that especially this week. Perhaps becuase school is coming to an end, or maybe becuase the weather is getting warmer but when I should be doing school or working, I would like to be painting, outside, something other than school.

As I’ve said before, I am trying to be a better blogger. While I may never update every day with exciting posts, I’m trying to stop being lazy and instead of just doing practically nothing online, I want to be posting. With the craft fair coming up, time and projects have been a little scant.

Some links to keep you entertained as I attempt to fix my camera yet again:
A Beautiful Mess
-Her photos are gorgeous. I am practicing a little more with black and white and film photography, and I really love her portraits.

Red Velvet Blog
-A group blog. It has a variety of projects and just random links. Perhaps not fully my ‘style’ but still adorable. And they show cute videos =)

Finished projects (the shirt was stenciled by me, and the skirt was made by me as well):

Detail of the stencil:

I think my textile medium is going bad. It cracked very quickly…

Notice the lovely bandaids under my tights. That is what happens when you try to shave and sing in the shower at the same time.

I took pictures for WIP Tuesday, and I was all reayd to post them… when my camera died. The bettery keeps going dead and I am not sure why. I didn’t forget, I tried… but it isn’t going to work.

So I will just tell you about what I am doing. The first weekend of May is the Blossom Festival, at which my mom and I are having a booth. My original plan was to make a whole bunch of purses, makeup bags, stenciled tote bags, etc. But with work, school, costumes for drama, and just life in general life got away from me. I will end up with about 20 bags to take. It’s not as much as I had hoped, but it will do. Anything that doesn’t sell will probably end up as birthday presents or blog giveaways.

Text only posts are lame, so tomorrow will have something much more exciting. I have the day off, so I’m crossing my fingers that my mom has time to take some pictures of what I have made lately. It didn’t seem like I had really made much in the past month, but I kind of sort of have. Kind of sort of is my new phrase to describe my life.

I’m still really unsure about things as far as clothing goes, but I’ve made a lot of decisions and stuff regarding my life. ‘Stuff’ is such a lame word to describe everything, but whatever. More on the ‘re-invention’ later. Maybe I’ll go on a tour and call myself, the artist formerly known as Emily. That would be cool.

Also, I’ve been drawing a lot more. I get frustrated sometimes becuase I have this weird need to create some gigantic work of art. As if every single thing I make has to be a huge, inspired endeavor. I put so much pressure on myself, I would stress out every single time I sat down to paint or make a collage. I’m slowly working my way out of old habits – as many as they are, I’m making relatively good progress. I have started sketching or painting a little each day. No, most of what I do is boring and even a little silly but I enjoy it. I would much rather enjoy what I am creating, then be stressed every time I paint.

Aren’t I weird? I have so many weird habits I got myself into, and now it is almost as if I have to re-learn things. Perhaps that is what life is. A constant re-learning, re-shaping, re-doing of everything. Constantly trying again and starting over…

Enough of that. I doubt most of you will actually read all of this, and if you don’t you won’t really be missing too much. Espect regular updates though! And the projects I am working on will hopefully be posted tomorrow or Thursday.

I’m back


Wow. Two weeks without posting. Sorry about that.

So I didn’t get a lot of actual projects done in my absence (the ones I did finish will be posted over the course of a few days), but I did have a lot of thinking time. I think what I was lacking was a ‘point’ for my crafting. While I think it is very possible to craft just of enjoyment, I got tired of that. Just randomly sewing something out of boredom.
Though not everything I post from now on is going to have some deep meaning behind it, I am trying to teach myself to put thought into what I am doing. I think I got caught up in the idea of constantly making something, rushing myself to complete everything. And everything I made looked just the same as every other craft/outfit being posted on Craftster. I am learning how to take pleasure in the act in making something-not just the end result.
So anyway, I’m back and will be trying to very best to post regularly. No, not every post is going to be exciting… those might be few and far between, but I am trying something new and I’m not sure how it is going to come out.

Also, WIP Tuesday is being re-instated. If you want to join in, feel free! The mroe the merrier. Besides, we could all use a little inspiration from time to time.



I am bored of myself. I have a weird need to ‘re-invent’ myself every few months… haha. so, yet again another bloggy break. I’m sorry, I’m sure I’m driving everyone crazy. I will be back at some point, and this blog will be more exciting. But for now, I need time to think through some things, and make a few plans.

So, this blog is not dead… just sleeping. Not for very long, hopefully within two weeks. I will still check e-mail, and comment on blogs so no worries there. I won’t fall off the face of the planet completely. If you want to talk to me/ask a questions/etc. send me an e-mail at squarepegetsy[at]gmail.com
I don’t have a personal e-mail address, I don’t see the point. lol

Spring plans


Oops, I abandoned my blog. I’m working on being a regular, steady blogger but as you could probably tell it isn’t really working. Also, work is just barely starting to slow down, and…. I finally have ideas on what to make. hooray. lol.

Not much has been finished, but quite a lot has been sketched, cut, pinned, and ready to go. This summer will be the season of dresses. I made quite a few last summer again – I have a feeling my closet is going to explode from all of the dresses stuffed into it. Dresses are nice becuase they can either be dressy (rare for me), or made more interesting with messy hairstyles, crazy makeup, fun shoes, etc.
I also haven’t knit anything for about two months. It makes me sad, but money to buy 6 or so skeins of hemp yarn is a little tiny bit hard to scrape together =D Anyway, more posting is coming soon. Interesting posts as well – this one is a little silly and boring.



Work is yet again extremely busy, and I am far too tired and busy to post. So, this week will be yet another short blog break. I hate doing this, but I am so busy and stressed I can’t add blogging to my daily schedule =D